Alessandro & Robin (1994)
We have known each other

ever since we were children.









We grew up in the south-west

of Rome, we went to the same

school, we share memories,

adventures, tastes,

music, friends.

Then we took different paths

Alessandro After school, took a degree in Philosophy.

He wrote a dissertation on Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Austrian philosopher who lived in Cambridge.

Wittgenstein was also a school-teacher and an artisan.

He built a house with his own hands, he warned about the dangers of abstract knowledge.

He praised manual work and simplicity.

Alessandro took him very seriously and decided

to learn a practical art.He chose cooking because he remembered that as a child

his grandmother’s “Crostata” (a traditional Italian cake)

consoled him when he was sad.






Then he met Vito.


What to say about Vito? He is a myth. The saying goes: “Never trust a thin cook”. Vito is a big, young man from near Matera, in the deep south of Italy.

He is pure genius.

Alessandro and Vito, the pupil and the Michelin-starred Master, found each other, they became friends, they shared a passion for traditions,

for rigorous techniques,

for genuine ingredients, for perfect simplicity.

But Alessandro wanted to make experience, he traveled around, he worked in top-quality restaurants in Italy, in France and in the UK, he wrote his own philosophical cookbook, he finally landed in York, where he made his home.

Here, in the North of England, he met Robin again, who was living in Nottingham.

Robin has also a passion for food.

His Grandfather used to grow all kind of vegetables in his garden and also his grandmother is a wonderful cook as probably all grandmothers in Italy.

He has an education in business and finance gained throughout all the job experiences that he made in the last 13 years.

He came to the UK because his brother had lived here.

Robin has also a true passion

for Basketball.

He experienced all kinds of jobs that could offer him new skills to be used in the business world: from quality food supplier to insurance sales advisor, call analyst, driver, light technician,   and much more.

He ended up in Nottingham,

where he met Alessandro again.

And the ambitious project begun.


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